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A Loud Band Was Heard in the Garage

A very large amount of tension and energy is let go when a garage door spring breaks. In most cases, garage doors use torsion springs. These torsion springs are located above the opening of the overhead door and have a steel rod running though their core. When these springs break, they unwind in a fraction of a second, creating a loud banging noise as the coil spins on the shaft and releases its energy. Customers say it can be very startling.

Many people hear a loud noise from the garage, and think someone is trying the break in. They check out the house and notice nothing until they try to use the garage door again

Big Gap in Your Torsion Spring

When a torsion garage door spring snaps in the middle, the two sides of the spring separate from each other and leave a visible gap that is sometimes several inches wide. This occurs because torsion springs have lots of room to stretch during normal operation, which gives them more room to separate when they break.

If you suspect that you have a broken torsion spring, close your garage door and locate the spring. If you see any gaps in the spring, it has snapped and will need to be replaced.

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